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If you are a karaoke novice who has looked into buying karaoke music you may be a bit confused with all the varieties and terminology. You've probably come across terms like CDG, CD+G, DVD, KAR, MIDI, MCG, MP3+G, MP3 + CDG, MP4, NEO-G, SCDG, VCD, ZIP, and possibly others. I'm about to make this very simple for you.

When you think about karaoke music think only CD+G and MP3+G. Here is why. The most popular karaoke format by far is CD+G (Compact Disc plus Graphics). More karaoke songs are available in this format than all others combined. All karaoke disc players will play CD+G discs.

MP3+G is the computer file version of CD+G song tracks and is supported by virtually all karaoke software players. MP3+G is a "2 file per song" format but the files are typically zipped together into a single file. These are often referred to a "karaoke zips".

Giving Karaoke Music As A Gift

You can buy CD+G discs in department stores and music stores but the largest selection will be found online at websites like Ace Karaoke.

MP3+G karaoke songs can be purchased as individual downloads. The website Karaoke Version carries a huge selection of karaoke songs in all genres with regular new releases.

Another option is the MP3+G Download Guide where for a one time fee you can give someone unlimited MP3+G downloads of virtually every karaoke song ever released. This is a gift that keeps on giving indefinitely.

Additionally, with the proper software MP3+G files can be used to create CD+G karaoke discs that will play in any karaoke disc player.

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