Free Karaoke Software

Free karaoke software is such an often used search phrase at this site that I decided to create a listing for your convenience. The software you will find listed below is "true" freeware. This means that there are no function limitations or time outs.

CDG Creator - A little program that will create a CDG track with an image that you create.

CDGtools - CD+G disk ripper for Linux and Unix systems.

Karaoke Builder CD+G Player - A fast, free program for playing your CD+G and MP3+G™ tracks.

MP3+G™ to Zip - Pairs the MP3 and CDG files of an MP3+G™ and creates a single zip file from them.

PyKaraoke - MP3+G™ and MPEG player for Linux and Windows.

TriKaraoke Free MP3+G™ Karaoke Player - Also supports regular Videos and Audio content.

WinAmp CDG Plugin - Play MP3+G™ files with WinAmp.

WinAmp CDG Disk Player Plugin - If your system is equiped with a cdrom/dvd drive that is able to read subcodes, this plugin will let you see the graphic and hear the song on a cd+g disk.

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